Autowerks NorthWest

(425) 788 3476

This is where I took my car for its original inspection, this is a one man workshop run by Leif who used to run Autowerks down in Florida and decided to retire (???) up here in Seattle.

Has an excellent shop down from his house and is hidden from the nearby road, has is own collection of vehicles including a 944 Turbo he uses for a track car. Is very knowledgeable on all kinds of Porsches and Audis and I get the feeling he likes to talk cars, must see too many wealthy Seattelites who just want their car to work.

Is a perfectionist and therefore way busy and always takes longer than anticiapted, small price to pay in my opinion.

I spoke to Leif many times on the phone before actually meeting him months after my original purchase, he dug out an extra set of workshop manuals he had and gave them to me !!!!

Only wish he wasn't located 300 miles away.

Car Service

(509) 924 - 9653

E 14405 Trent

Spkane WA 99216

Yet another one man worksop, Dave used to work for the Porsche dealer in town but went his own way in the late 70's, Porsche shut down the dealership in the 80's and there is no longer a presence this side of the Cascades apart from a 'Porsche mechanic' at the local Mercedes Dealership that all Porsche owners should approach with bulging wallet (you have been warned).

Anyway Dave is great on the older cars including the early 928's but doesn't get to see too many of the later cars mainly as there arn't many up here, with the help of the manuals from Leif Dave has managed to do a number of repairs on my car with enthusiasm and at reasonable cost. Feel my car is in good hands here.